The Pursuit of Crimping Technology|Do-Yamamoto continues to challenge technology and produce high quality products.

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The Pursuit of Crimping Technology

Continue the pursuit of first class "crimping technique" since its founding

While the quality of hose and fittings are essential, the crimping technology to combine the two is important as well. This crimping technology is an indispensable technology for hose use, saying it as the “last fort” to decide the quality of a hose is not an exaggeration. That is to say that no matter how good of a quality the hose and fittings, if there is even a small mistake or malfunction in this crimping, it can cause a serious accident.

For products of major manufacturers such as Bridgestone, the standards are determined also in crimping. However it needs a certain skill and technique to adjust the crimping value of nonstandard products.

While Do-Yamamoto main products are from Bridgestone, we have developed and manufactured numerous original hoses and fittings.

Do-Yamamoto will use the crimping skill and technique that we have honed and cultivated over the years and we promise to deliver products with safe and secure quality to our customers.

We can handle any hoses, leave it to us!! If you have a rejected inquiry from other companies, please contact us, we might be able to help.

“It was declined”, “They told me that it is impossible”, “They cannot help us” these are the things that we aim to solve using our crimping technology. Even if the hose and fittings are from different manufacturers or if it is a product form overseas, Do-Yamamoto can crimp it without any problems.
In addition, in the past Do-Yamamoto have knowledge and experience in dealing with numerous hoses and fittings products whose specifications are unknown.

Of course fast delivery and low cost are the subjects that we need to pursue in our industry. However, we believe that is not the only thing that needs to be considered. Polishing the crimping technology on a daily basis in the end will lead to a healthy relationship and trust with the customers.

We will continue to strive to provide high quality service to our customer by utilizing flexibility and mobility, which are the strength of middle class companies.