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Burst inspection for Hose

To Protect the Customer's "Saftey and Security"

Do-Yamamoto performs “Burst Inspection” before the delivery date to further improve quality of the product.
A product that was not properly installed would be useless, no matter how good the quality of the hose or metal fittings. If you use an improperly installed product, it would increase the risk of leakage, burst and accident occurring.
Depending on the fluid and amount of pressure being subjected on a hose, an improperly installed metal fitting will cause a serious accident.
Do-Yamamoto’s motto is “Delivering Safety and Security to The Customers”.
With over a half century of achievements and skills, we will provide safety and security for customers without neglecting the smallest things.

The Flow of Burst Inspection

We perform burst and leakage inspection on all of our Bridgestone hoses as well as other standard products (such as original hoses, overseas products, etc.)

[Burst Inspection Procedure]

Create a Sample

(We prepare the same hose and fittings as the ones that was ordered)

Crimping Operation

(Perform a proper crimping using a crimping machine)

Inspection Using a Pressure Tester

(By applying pressure several times the maximum working pressure, we check if there any crimping problem or any changes on the hose and metal fittings)

Confirm Burst

(Check the crimped part after the burst and confirming whether the calculated value is appropriate)