Do-Yamamoto challenge towards the world|Do-Yamamoto continues to challenge technology and produce high quality products.

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Do-Yamamoto challenge towards the world

ドゥヤマモト 世界への挑戦

Sometimes taking the role of “Trader” and sometime taking the role of “Maker”

The import of inexpensive products from overseas and the global expansion of Japanese companies in recent years are increasing. We at Do-Yamamoto are also expanding our business towards globalization.

Currently we do have been focusing on countries in Southeast Asia and Middle East. We are also doing export import of products from overseas. By utilizing past achievements we have secured a network as a supplier and established a position as a business partner in support of many of our client’s overseas expansion. From delivering products at local factories to arranging materials, from business communications to negotiations, we also act as a “bridge” to connect local companies with Japanese companies.

Based on our customer’s needs, we can introduce not only companies who specialize in hoses, but also companies who specialize in other fields such as rubber products or fittings.

Do-Yamamoto stands a “bridge” for Japanese companies who are developing overseas expansion and business towards various countries around the world. While building a trustful relationship with our customer, we will continue to identify new business every day.

Our business partner in Thailand will be our foothold towards a wider range of business

By cooperating with our business partner in Thailand, Do-Yamamoto was able to establish a new production system to further pursue a better cost performance.

Our partner’s plant is planning to develop order-based original products, as well as the standard products which comply with overseas product standards. In anticipation for price competition which will intensify in the near future, we will develop products that can maintain quality while utilizing overseas products.

We will help set up a flexible system for customers who are looking for cheaper products but has the same quality as the pricier one.

Do-Yamamoto will continue to take on challenges head on to compete with the increasing competitiveness of notable entry of foreign manufacturers. We will provide solutions for customers who are interested in overseas products but questions the quality due to its cheap prices.