Largest stock of Bridgestone hoses|Do-Yamamoto continues to challenge technology and produce high quality products.

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Largest stock of Bridgestone hoses


Do-Yamamoto is one of Bridgestone’s certified factories.

By having the largest stock of Bridgestone hoses, we can keep a stable supply with a stable price.


Competitive price!! With a track record with over 2000 companies!!!


Why choose Do-Yamamoto over other supplier? Because we have more than 2000 business partners, we constantly stock various types of hoses, we keep a large stock and we can offer competitive superiority at a safe and stable price.


To better secure our stock items, we use a thorough management system to keep the quality in check. We use our past sales data to manage the numbers and reduce some loses. This managing system will allow our customer to purchase quality products at a safe price any time of the year.