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No minimum lot


We accept big or small lot order. For example, if you want to purchase only 3 Bridgestone hoses, we will supply it for you.

Worry about the price? We will give you a reasonable price for small lot Bridgestone hoses.

Why? Because we have a lot of hoses in-stock.


We can even supply you a 1 hose with 1cm in length.


Have you ever had a client who only wants just a certain amount of hoses, with a certain size and length? Do-Yamamoto can help your client with that. We have been dealing with customers who only ordered small lot every couple of months, customers who only ordered 1 hose per-month, even customers who only ordered short hoses. We have always supply our customers order without fail.

Those customers were reluctant at first, but now they are our regular customers.

So please feel free to contact us with your inquiry.

We can even manufacture custom made or original brand hoses



Ever since our establishment in 1959, using our vast experience, knowledge and skills, we at Do-Yamamoto can manufacture custom made hoses and fittings.


For example, fittings that are not made anymore, hoses for an original machine, fittings that are suitable for overseas hoses; Do-Yamamoto can help you with all these things.

We will also manufacture custom made products with shapes, specifications and materials that are suitable for the fluid, pressure and application.

We will help you design, develop and manufacture high quality custom made products.