Policy|Do-Yamamoto continues to challenge technology and produce high quality products.

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Do-Yamamoto has dealt any difficult demands from our customers with integrity and sincerity.
Below are some examples how we deal with difficult demands.

Providing safety and security

We always challenge ourselves, constantly striving to improve our technical capabilities and delivery good quality in order to provide safety and security for our customers.

We always coexist and prosper with all of our partners

We will always think of other’s point of view, conduct fair and open marketing and production in order to strengthen our relationship and trust with suppliers and handling manufacturers.

Contributing to society through employees happiness

Do-Yamamoto realizes the importance of every employee’s happiness and well-being; to support this we made a healthy and supportive working environment so employees can strive and achieve their goals.


The word “Do” on Do-Yamamoto stands for “Challenge”. As part of Japanese manufacturing industry, we at Do-Yamamoto will continue to take the three challenges that we mentioned above for our customers and employees alike, to further improve our technical strength and product quality. Furthermore in order to respond to our customer’s needs in the most appropriate way, we will face any challenges that come our way.



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