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Message from CEO and President

代表取締役社長 川口 亮

Established in 1959, Do-Yamamoto Co., Ltd. has been

one of the leading companies in selling and assembling

hydraulic hoses and also industrial rubber products for

over a half century.

Currently we strive to fulfill our customer’s needs and

demands by adding not only our factory but also qualified

engineers and state of the art machinery, we have spread

our fields of expertise and now we have the means to not

only assemble hydraulic hoses but also a wide variety of

industrial hoses, specialized fittings, rubber, resin and also other metal processed goods.

We challenge ourselves every day, do our best and beyond to solve and fulfill our customers’ needs. We are proud to say that with our vast knowledge and experience in the industry we have always able to answer all the demands from our customers without fail.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to answer all our customer’s needs and demands, also to supply orders of even 1 pcs.

Ryo Kawaguchi



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